Support for:
Spouses & Partners
Trans People

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Does it feel like your life has been turned upside down? Is the man, or woman, you married disappearing in front of your eyes? Are you the partner or spouse of someone who is questioning their gender identity? 


We have our own dedicated support group that could help. Generate Plus is a safe space to discuss with others shared experiences and coping strategies plus much more. This group is invaluable as the partner or spouse can often be left feeling angry, confused, isolated or embarrassed to name but a few of the intense emotions when a loved one questions their gender identity.


Few people understand what you are going through despite their best intentions to help. Here at Generate Plus you will meet others who understand exactly what it's like. 



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Support for: 
Parents & Carers
Trans or Gender Variant Children
(of any age)

Has your child recently "come out" as trans or non-binary? Do you have little or no support at home from friends or family? Are you wondering:


  • what's going on?

  • how can I stop this?

  • is it a phase?

  • aren't they too young to know?

  • what can I do to support them?

  • my child is grown up but I'm worried they're making a mistake, what do I do?


You are not alone, it's estimated that in a school of 300 pupils that an average of 3 children will be gender variant to a significant degree and want to do something about it. Here at Generate Plus, you will be able to talk through your fears or concerns with others who share similar experiences.


Families usually leave us feeling much more positive about their future and that of their children.

Generate Plus



Come along to Generate Plus it's a friendly and informal group with experienced facilitators. Tea and coffee provided.


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